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On this site! Visit my Conferences page for recently uploaded audio and selected PowerPoints from conference presentations between 2016-2019.

At the 2020 AAC&U’s General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment conference, I'll be running the workshop: “Digital Humanities and Social Sciences to Engage in 21st Century Meaning Making.” This exciting conference will take place February 20-22, 2020 in Jacksonville, FL.

Recent Work

Recent Conferences

Cutrara, Samantha. (June 2019). Remembering (for) the Future. Commemorating Canada: The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada at 100. Parks Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. See a (unofficial) copy of the talk on YouTube and the text of the talk here.

Cutrara, Samantha. (July 2019). Meaningful Learning in Ontario History Education: Connecting students’ complexity with curriculum in a precarious 21st century world. L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History’s event “Doing History in Precarious Times.” McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Click here for a video of the talk on YouTube & a one-sheet summary of talk on Google Docs.

Cutrara, Samantha. (May 2019). Black Youth and the Culture of Resistance in a Canadian History Classroom. Youngsters conference. Toronto, Ontario. Click here for audio and click here for PowerPoint.

Cutrara, Samantha. (April 2019). Accountable to the Past, Accountable for the Present: A theoretical discussion related to the Canadian history curriculum. American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies. Toronto, Ontario. Click here for audio and click here for PowerPoint.

Recent Publications

Cutrara, Samantha. (March 2018). The Settler Grammar of Canadian History Curriculum; Or why the Historical Thinking approach is unable able to respond to the TRC’s Calls to Action. Canadian Journal of Education, 41(1), 250-275.

---. (2019). Afterward: Beyond the beyond. Beyond The Lecture: Innovations in Teaching Canadian History.

---. (2019, March 11). The Significance of Women in the Ontario History Curriculum: The Findings of an Undergrad.

---. (2019, February 4). What Black History Month Can Teach the Rest of the Year.