Consultation Services

Under her company Historic Spaces, Dr. Cutrara provides consulting services to universities, colleges, museums, archives, libraries, school boards, and community groups looking to increase access, reach, and awareness of their institutions and collections.

As a consultant for your institution, Dr. Cutrara can:

  • Develop site-specific strategies for developing and/or promoting an education program that links teachers and students with collections

  • Create and/or manage an storytelling strategies that innovatively explores and presents historical and cultural narratives

  • Broker partnerships and stakeholder relations that will develop opportunities maximum impact and reach of collections and programming with community building, cross-promotion, and joint projects

Consulting services range from one hour virtual strategy meetings to long-term contracts with site visits, staff development, and resource development. Dr. Cutrara is an expert in the field of Canadian history education and can be of particular benefit to those institutions with Canadian collections who are looking to match their collections to the ever changing face of the Canadian peoples.

Contact Dr. Cutrara for more information on how her experience, expertise, and education can develop the reach and impact of your institution.