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New Research Project!

posted Jul 9, 2017, 1:08 PM by Samantha Cutrara
I have just been approved for a small Research Project at Seneca College on youth's national, transnational, and multicultural identifications. 
My current theorization on Canadian youth's transnational connections led me to think about the incredibly diverse Canadian students I teach at Seneca in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts, and Arts and Science programs. 

"Understanding National and Cultural Identification of Youth Who Live in Canada" consists of a short survey for students at Seneca to understand if, and how, they understand their "Canadian-ness" and/or transnational connections and whether they understand these connections as part of their experience in multicultural settings.
I'm looking forward to collecting and exploring this data in lieu of my recent theorization on understanding Canadian youth as transnational youth!